Community Q&A

People Powered Q&A's for your Website

Community Q&A makes it easy for your community to ask the questions they want answered right on the page that their question relates to. Community Q&A is about many interactions occurring over an extended time period. Its perfect for building micro-communities for every page of your site.

Try our Community Q&A

Here's how it works:

1. Ask a question related to Pubble
2. If there's a relevant FAQ, the Pubblebot will automatically reply.
3. Your question will be delivered to our Team. If we are online, we are usually pretty quick to reply.
4. While you're waiting, scroll down through the thread to see previous Q&A's.
5. If we reply after you leave the page, you will get an SMS or email with a link to our reply.

If you would like to add Community Q&A to your site, create a team on Pubble then deploy the "Community Q&A" app type.

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How Does Community Q&A Work?

The core concept of Community Q&A is that every time you answer a question, the page gets a little richer for the next person. Its about surfacing all those interactions that normally live off site in email, on social or in one-to-one instant chat sessions. Community Q&A converts one-to-one into one-to-many interactions benefiting your entire community. It helps you to scale your customer engagement.

  • Product Level Q&As

    By giving your users the opportunity to ask a question or review previous answers, it makes your pages feel alive and richer.

  • Increased Conversions

    Pubble eCommerce clients have proven that prospective customers who get their questions answered are 4x more likely to purchase.

  • More Productive Customer Service

    Answering the same question repeatedly is a soul destroying use of ones time. Our ‘Answer Prompt' helps to reduce repetitive questions and deliver instant answers to your customers.

  • Grow Your Community

    The most important place you live online is your web site. Community Q&A is a community building layer that sits on top of your site. When you own the community you set the rules and leverage as you wish.

  • Moderator Answers / Customer Answers

    Support Customer to Customer or Customer to Moderator Q&A's. So whether you are a fan of Core CRM or have a kick ass customer support team, let conversation happen on the page that it relates to.

5 Reasons you should use Community Q&A

  • What is Community Q&A?

    Community Q&A is a real-time web application that enables your users to ask questions, in context, across your site.

What our Customers say
  • Totally loving #pubble BTW!

  • Pubble is pretty cool! i'm liking this. #askbfeld

  • Fellow @techstars London company @pubble_co is ROCKING their live Q&A

Community Q&A's Coolest Features

Conversation in Context

Community Q&A is a great way to engage your visitors on product pages.

Responsive UI

Sleek, intuitive UI that blends with the host page and is mobile optimised.

Instant Answers

The smart answer prompt helps to reduce those repetitive questions.

Beautiful Real-time

Works in real-time. Thread updates (answered questions, likes, etc.) are pushed into each page without the need for a page refresh.

Social Logins & Posting

Sign in via Facebook, Twitter, etc. which makes sign in a breeze and sharing even easier.

Super Easy Setup

Just add a couple of lines of Pubble Javascript code to the pages where you want to enable Core Q&A and you're done.

Pubble Community Q&A is perfect for...

  • Colleges / Universities

    Hundreds of colleges already use Pubble Community Q&A to build community right on top of their sites. Supporting Community Q&A across your site is a great way to help students get their questions answered and connect with the people who matter to them in your college.

  • Marketing Agencies

    One of the coolest features of Community Q&A is that it supports customer to customer or customer to moderator Q&A. The ability to assign page level moderators enables brands like Education Ireland, who promote Ireland as a study abroad destination, to get the colleges that they promote to answer the questions on their site. This is great for Education Ireland in that a small team can deliver a powerful community experience. Its great for the colleges in that they can connect with students who are interested in studying with them and the students love it because they are getting their questions answered by the best possible person.

  • Retailers

    Enable your customers to ask their questions about the products that they are interested in. When their question is answered, they are pulled right back to the product page. Existing retailers who are using Pubble Community Q&A report that prospective customers who have their questions answered are 4 x more likely to convert.

  • Publishers

    Encourage your audience to engage with your articles or videos by enabling them to ask questions that you answer. Some articles lend themselves perfectly to Q&A. Enable your audience to engage with you beyond comments. Leverage their questions to enrich your article.