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Host Live Q&A Events on your web site

Our Live Q&A app is perfect for any brand or organisation who wants to host live Q&A events on their website. Some events need to be closely integrated into the social platforms others need to be stand alone where you control the experience. Live Q&A is a native app with the option to share to multiple social platforms.

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Here's how it works:

1. Post a question or comment
2. If someone else is on the page at the same time, your question will appear for them.
3. Your question will be delivered to our Team. If we are online, we are usually pretty quick to reply.
4. While you're waiting, scroll down through the thread to see previous Q&A's. Notice that rich media (files, images, etc.) are supported.
5. If we reply after you leave the page, you will get an SMS or email with a link to our reply.
6. Our live Q&A app is real-time. You can see when moderators are typing and new updates are pushed into the page as they are available. No need for refresh to see new content.

If you would like to host a Live Q&A on your site, create a team on Pubble then deploy the "Live Q&A" app type.

You need to have a paid account type to host a live event (no free live events). Live event pricing is available here

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How Does Live Q&A Work?

Live Q&A is a real-time web application for your site that enables you to promote your brand through live Q&A events in a highly engaging, interactive and effective way.

  • Live events right on your site

    Your community lives on your site which maximises the impact for your brand and enables you to leverage your community in ways that are difficult on the main social networks.

  • Branding

    Fully Branded events deliver the perfect experience for your users. Customize your events to meet your exact requirements. No more having to deal with set layouts that work for someone else.

  • Set-up is a breeze

    Incredibly easy setup and deploy. 5 minutes or less, serious!

  • No need to worrry about event size

    Responsive support to peaks in your event traffic. No matter how busy your event gets, Pubble will scale up / down in response.

  • Get Social

    Build awesome social features into your site that allow you to connect in real-time with your audience like never before.

  • Pixels from the Buy Button

    Think of it this way. You are running your events just pixels from the buy button. Facebook or Twitter do not offer that.

6 Reasons you should use Live Q&A

  • Doesn't Twitter do this for us?

    Sometimes 140 characters is just not enough. Live Q&A is perfect for events where you want to start the conversation on a branded site or where additional content helps to give the conversation some context. Live Q&A is also perfect for sponsored events.

  • Why not just do this in Facebook?

    Sometimes Facebook Q&A is a really good idea. Other times, it makes sense to run these events on your website. No matter where you run the events though, every event should grow your overall community.

What our Customers say
  • Great Q&A session thanks to @pubbleio

  • @pubbleio love your service guys! Ana

  • With their Live Q&A events, UCC are showing how student engagement should be done

Live Q&A's Coolest Features

Beautiful Real-time

Page updates (Questions / Answers / Comments) appear on the page as they are posted. No refresh required.

Responsive UI

Sleek, intuitive UI that blends with the host page and is mobile optimised.

Social Sign-in & Anonymous Supported

Facebook and Twitter Sign-in supported of course. But you also have the option of allowing anonymous & private question submission. This helps to keep the event flowing and where participants desire a little privacy.

Assign Feature & Scale

Push questions to the Moderators that you would like them to prioritise. And no matter how busy your event gets, Pubble will automatically scale up in response.

Automatic Profanity & SPAM Filtering

Full moderation along with automatic profanity filtering and SPAM detection.

Event Transcript

When the Live Q&A is over, you get a transcript of all the Q&A's along with all of the participant details

Pubble Live Q&A App is perfect for...

  • Live Sports events

    An increasing number of sports brands are looking to engage with their Fanbase on Twitter and Facebook. This is good but should not be the end goal. With Pubble Live Q&A, the events move from Facebook and Twitter to the team's website. This opens significant branding and commercial opportunities.

  • Political Campaign

    In the run up to a key vote / debate, a politician could use Live Q&A to tease out his/her policies. This could be run in conjunction with a TV show / local TV / radio show. It's a great way to connect with his/her constituents while creating buzz around a newsworthy event.

  • Radio Interview

    Radio shows have been pioneers in leveraging audience participation. For certain shows / interviews, using Live Q&A can help bring the audience to the radio station's web site. This could be a sponsored section of the site. It also provides great content for the station to use for re. marketing purposes or spin out additional stories that emerge from the Q&A.

  • TV Shows & Live Broadcasts

    For fans, the possibility to get their questions answered by the stars of the show is a huge pull factor to the show's web site. So when the show airs on TV, that audience can be encouraged to visit the show's site for a Live Q&A session. This opens up additional revenue / sponsorship opportunities for the producers of the show.

  • Product Launch

    Got a great product to launch? And a brand advocate that you can build an event around? What better way to pull people on to your site than a Live Q&A session lead by your VIP. Sure, you could do this in Twitter but why do that when you can leverage Twitter to bring people to your site and then deliver the perfect branded experience to your audience.